Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Zazzle and CafePress Giveaways

CafePress and Zazzle have lots of blog giveaways going on this month.  Since I sell through these shops, and you could get something with my designs if you win, I thought I'd hunt these down and share them with you.  To find my items in the CafePress.com marketplace just search for galesgiggles (for humor) and scribbleprints (for artsy).  To find my items at Zazzle just visit my shop!

Giveaways below organized by end date:

Nov 9
CafePress Christmas Cards
CafePress Baby T-Shirt and Bib

Nov 10
CafePress T-Shirt Giveaway

Nov 16
$25 Zazzle Gift Card*

Nov 24
CafePress IPhone Case

Nov 29
$25 Zazzle Gift Card

Nov 30
$100 Zazzle Gift Card

*Starred giveaways have ways to get extra entries daily.

iPhone 4 cases can now be found at CafePress along with millions of personalized hoodies and 2011 calendars!  You'll be seeing the iphone cases in my CafePress shops soon (some are already available for pre-order there)!  Calendars...well, I've thought about that and still don't feel like I have enought designs yet to fill them.  But my mind could be changed if anyone really wanted those, so let me know.

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