Saturday, May 4, 2013

Art With Kids: Coloring Pages


Some of Dover's recent samplers featured some more free coloring pages that would be great for teaching kids about art.  These samples are only up for a limited time, so you may want to save them for later ( You can right click to save the images).

  • There are two coloring pages here of famous artowork including American Gothic and the piece above by Asher B. Durand..    I love the idea of letting them color it before they see the original, so they can see what different color choices bring out in a picture.
  • This beutiful artwork by Golden Age of Illustration artist Helen Stratton is not technically a coloring page, but being black and white could certainly work as one.  They also have several coloring pages based off the illustrations of Arthur Rackham, another Golden Age illustrator (and one of my favorite artists).
  • This website, which is NOT part of Dover, has tons of coloring pages based on famous artworks.  The only things is you have to wait through a lot of ads (yep, so if all you see is an add at first, just wait for it to time through and you'll see coloring pages.)