Saturday, October 20, 2012

A New Design

What do you think of my new card?  It uses the same design that's been on my twitter button for a while,  but until recently I hadn't put it on any products.

Still She Sings
Still She Sings by scribbleprints
See more products with this design. 

This card was made using my own scribbbleprints and and a silhouette I made using an image of an Oriole from Graphics Fairy  (I made some free twitter graphics with it too which you can find here).    This weekend I  found a beautiful quote by Victor Hugo that seemed perfect for it.  Thought it turned out rather nice! 

Right now 100% of the profits from this card are going to help Hurricane Sandy Victims.  That's not just my artist...Zazzle's is donating all of their profits too through a special program partnering with Zazzle artists who choose to donate their work.  

Use coupon code ALLCARDSSALE for 50% Off Cards and Invitations  (Ends Nov 27).

If there's any other quotes you'ld like to see with this design, leave a comment with the quote and I'll see what I can do about it!