Sunday, August 7, 2011

Posters for Teachers!

Teachers...looking for some fun designs for your class? Try these!

Byron's Lady Poster print

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Free Art Coloring Pages

I subscribe to Dover's Free Sample E-mail.  They have two free coloring pages this week based off of famous artworks; one by Georges Seurat, and another by Van Gogh.  Click here to see both and download them if you want to. (Their samples are usually only availble for a month or even if you want to use them later you might want to save them now.

I think these would be a great way to teach kids a little bit about art.  I think I'm going to tell my kids about the artists who made these but not show them the paintings in color until AFTER they've had a chance to color these themselves.   It might be fun to discuss the colors they used, versus the colors the original artist used (though I want to make sure they don't think they colored it "wrong" because they didn't do it like the artist did).

Dover also has some fun space coloring pages and space shuttle airplanes, and some monster coloring pages this week (plus some tattoo art and ironwork).  You can see all in their sampler here.  If you'ld like some coloring pages from a much less famous artist (me), you can find some of those here.