Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Giveaway: Scribbleprints Star Ornament (12/15)

At my Scribbleprints Zazzle Shop I offer a lot of styles of ornaments, and my favorite ones are the red and white ones.  They just go so well together.

And my favorite of all the ornaments is the red and white star...I don't know why, I just love the way it came out.  And this holiday you have a chance to win one! 

Just enter on the Rafflecopter Form Below

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Scribbleprints Giveaway Rules

You must be 18 or older to enter a giveaway on this blog.    Immediate family members, employees or contractors of the sponsor or blog host are not eligible to win.  What countries any Scribbleprints givaway is open to will be listed on the giveaway post. 

  • No purchase necessary.  Void where illegal.
  • Entries that do not follow the submission guidelines or instuctions on giveaway post or giveaway form are invalid.
  • Winner will be announced on the blog post no more than 2 days after entries end, and notified by the e-mail they provided through Rafflecopter.  Prizes not claimed within 7 days will be forfeited.
Giveaway are not always open to Canadians.  When they are, Canadians will be required to solve a trivia or math problem to meet the Canadian giveaway law requirement for a skill test.  Residents of Quebec are not eligible unless specifically stated on giveaway post (sorry about's too expensive to meet Quebec's legal requirements).  

By entering you give us and the sponsor (if different than me) permission to use your info to contact you to notify you if you win and deliver your prize.     Your info will not be sold.   If you sign up for a newsletter, updates, to volunteer, or ask for any additional information as part of this giveaway or otherwise, than your info will be used for those purposes.  Your info will also be used to contact you regarding your prize and to respond to anything you write to us about.

If for some unforeseen reason the prize pictured/named can not be delivered, a alternate prize of similar value or equivalent cash amount may be substituted.  Neither the sponsor nor blogger is responsible if item is damaged or lost in the mail.

You can contact Gale Langley (the blogger and artist behind Scribbleprints) at

Friday, September 4, 2015

Fine Art Look Alike

When you see this painting, who do you think of? 

Imagine the women in the painting wearing more "office appropriate" 
attire (though still blousy and low-cut on the top)...her hand on
the edge of a desk in stead of floating in mid-air.

When I saw this painting by Robert Henri
I immediately thought of Dollhouse's Adele DeWitt, 
played by Olivia Williams (below).

Not seeing it?

  How about here, in a poster from a movie she performed in....

What do you think?
Do you see the resemblance?
Have you ever seen an artwork
or old photo and though, that
looks like someone else?

Saturday, August 29, 2015


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Friday, August 7, 2015


Use the coupons below for discounts
at my shops (whichever is linked)

All sales are only good at the linked venues (ie, if the linked shop is a Zazzle shop it's not good at my CafePress or other shop I have).  Coupons and sales can not generally be combined...if there's a bulk discount you will get whichever deal is better, not both.  For stamps, discounts apply only to the net value, or the value of the product minus the USPS price of stamps. Not good on fabric, Brikk iphones, or Zazzle Heart items unless sale is specifically noted for these items.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Loving These Coloring Pages...

I'm loving these free Dover coloring fun.  

(Nope...this wasn't done by me.  Gives me ideas though!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

T-Shirt and Tank Top Sale

Customized Girl is having a three day sale on basic  t-shirts and tanks!   This is a great sale bringing shirts under $10.  Only problem...I haven't made added my designs to any basic shirts and t-shirts there (well, I have now, but it will take 24 hours or more to show up.)  BUT, you can swop anything in my shop for one of these basic, on sale shirts.   Here's how...


1.  Click on a product from my shop with a design you want.

2.  Click on the pink button that says "Customize this product"   
(it's on the right above the price and size info).

3.  Click on the "Swop Out Item" tab 
(on right, above product pic)

4.  Choose a basic tee or tank
(it has a big "SALE!" sign on it.)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Items Being Discontinued

Today is the last day to order any of the following from my CafePress Shop.  CafePress is doing some major housekeeping and discontinuing a bunch of items.  I haven't updated my CafePress shop for a while so some of these items I never even added.  I'll miss some items like the square ceramic platters, which were great quality.  Didn't see this announcement until today so sorry I didn't give more warning.

PTN - Product - Color
18 Messenger Bag
101 Trucker Hat Green/White
101 Trucker Hat Pink/White
109 Women's Light T-Shirt White
128 Women's Raglan Hoodie ALL
129 Women's Tracksuit ALL
152 Dark T-Shirt Black/White Camo
152 Dark T-Shirt Orange
159 Men's Fitted T-Shirt (dark) Brown
159 Men's Fitted T-Shirt (dark) Fuchsia
159 Men's Fitted T-Shirt (dark) Grass
159 Men's Fitted T-Shirt (dark) Raspberry
159 Men's Fitted T-Shirt (dark) Slate
161 Women's Dark T-Shirt Black/White Camo
161 Women's Dark T-Shirt Green Camo
162 Oversized Wall Calendar ALL
163 Vertical Wall Calendar ALL
164 Women's Long Sleeve Dark T-Shirt Brown
181 Kids Dark T-Shirt Black/White Camo
181 Kids Dark T-Shirt Pink Camo
184 Women's Plus Size Scoop Neck Dark T-Shirt Kelly Green
186 Women's Plus Size V-Neck Dark T-Shirt Kelly Green
207 3" Lapel Sticker (48 pk) ALL
215 Small Pet Bowl ALL
217 Denim Shirt ALL
218 Men's Polo ALL
219 Women's Polo ALL
221 Men's Performance Jacket ALL
222 Women's Performance Jacket ALL
223 Military Cap ALL
224 Stonewashed Cap ALL
257 Organic Kids T-Shirt (dark) ALL
262 Organic Toddler T-Shirt (dark) ALL
288 Gym Bag ALL
296 Boxer Brief ALL
435 Customized Felt Christmas Stocking ALL
441 iPhone 3G Hard Case ALL
443 iPhone 4 Slider Case ALL
459 iPad Case ALL
461 Business Cards ALL
508 iPod Touch 2 Case ALL
509 iPod Touch 4 Case ALL
518 iPad2 Case ALL
529 Laptop Skins Sizes: 7in skin, 8-10in skin
548 iPad 2 Hard Case ALL
550 Field Bag Yellow
551 Drawstring Bag ALL
552 Clutch Bag ALL
555 Shoulder Bag ALL
556 Coin Purse ALL
557 Nook Sleeve ALL
559 Mini Wallet ALL
560 Suede Pillow ALL
561 Toiletry Bag ALL
594 Incredible 2 Phone Case ALL
595 Nexus S Phone Case ALL
596 KOR Water Bottle ALL
597 Plush Baseball ALL
598 Plush Football ALL
599 Abby the Bunny ALL
600 Mico the Bear ALL
601 Sully the Cow ALL
619 Business Cards ALL
620 Contact Cards ALL
633 USA Sticker ALL
650 3/4 Sleeve T-shirt (Dark) ALL
654 Diaper Cover ALL
655 Dog Hoodie ALL
657 Beer Label ALL
659 Velcro Beer Cooler ALL
665 Puzzle Coasters (set of 4) ALL
668 Jewelry Case ALL
671 Heart Pet Tag ALL
672 Bone Pet Tag ALL
673 Round Pet Tag ALL
676 Magnetic Dry Erase Board ALL
678 Power Bank ALL
679 Wine Label ALL
693 Luggage Handle Wrap ALL
702 Return Address Labels ALL
703 iPhone Charger Case ALL
704 iPhone Wallet Case ALL
705 iPhone Snap Case ALL
708 Key Hanger ALL
710 Hexagon Ornament ALL
711 Oval Ornament ALL
714 Women's Sweatpants ALL
743 Rectangular Cocktail Plate ALL
744 Cocktail Platter ALL
745 Round Cocktail Plate ALL
748 Milk Bottle ALL
749 Small Tealight Candle Holder ALL
750 Large Tealight Candle Holder ALL
756 Eyeglass Case ALL
757 Travel Valet ALL
758 Small Leather Notepad ALL
759 Clasp Wallet ALL
760 Leather Card Holder ALL
767 Rectangular Locker Frame ALL
768 Square Locker Frame ALL
771 Android USB Cable ALL
798 Womens Burnout Tee ALL
799 Dog Collar ALL
817 Flour Container ALL
818 Cookie Jar ALL
819 Sugar Container ALL
822 Tea Tumbler ALL
824 Tea/Recipe Box ALL
825 Cloth Napkins ALL
826 Men's All Over Print T-Shirt ALL
827 Women's All Over Print T-Shirt ALL
828 Kid's All Over Print T-Shirt ALL
829 Galaxy S3 Case ALL
830 Galaxy Note Case ALL
1019 Galaxy Note 2 Case ALL
1140 iPhone 5 Thinshield ALL
1141 iPhone 4/4S Switch Case ALL
1142 iPhone 5/5S Switch Case ALL
1144 Cuff Bracelet ALL
1150 Jr. Football T-Shirt ALL
1151 All Over Print Bodysuit ALL
1152 All Over Print Bodysuit ALL
1169 Mens Rashguard ALL
1170 Ladies Rashguard ALL
1171 Kids Rashguard ALL
1174 Round Tablecloth ALL
1176 iPad Switch Case ALL
1177 Galaxy S3 Switch Case ALL
1178 iPad Mini Switch Case ALL
1184 Dinner Placemats ALL
1186 iPod Touch 5 Case ALL
1187 Wine Tote Bag ALL
1228 Women's Ankle Socks ALL
1229 Women's Crew Socks ALL
1238 Wine Stopper ALL
1246 iPhone 4/4S Tough Case ALL
1248 Playing Cards ALL
1249 Men's Shoes ALL
1292 Oven Mitt ALL
1300 Yoga Mat ALL
1310 Men's Crew Socks ALL
1311 Kid's Ankle Socks ALL
1312 Kid's Crew Socks ALL
1313 Large Table Runner ALL
1316 Small Table Runner ALL
1325 Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 Gen6 PU Case ALL
1326 Kindle Fire HDX 7 Gen6 PU Case ALL
1327 Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover ALL
1329 Samsung Galaxy S4 Thinshield ALL
1330 iPhone 5 Guardian ALL
1331 iPhone 5 Folio ALL
1332 iPad Air Swivel ALL
1333 iPad Swivel ALL
1334 iPad Mini Swivel ALL
1335 iPad Mini Retina Swivel ALL
1336 iPod Touch 5 Snap-On ALL
1360 iPhone 5/5S Capsule ALL
1361 iPhone 5/5S Frosted Deflector ALL
1362 iPhone 5/5S Gallery ALL
1363 iPhone 5/5S Deflector ALL
1365 iPad Retina Deflector ALL