Friday, July 29, 2011

New Laptop Skins!

There's a lot of new products at CafePress I haven't announced yet, because most of my designs need to be re-tweaked for them and the images have been stuck on a Drobo for months and my husband just now showed me how to access them. So, I'm finally able to put images on some of these...but it's slow going.

One of these are Laptop Skins, which were just added this month. I haven't gotten all the designs added to these, but you can check out the ones I do have below.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Scribbleprint Coloring Pages

Like to color? Have kids who like to color? Well, here's some fun coloring pages you can color yourself or use with your kids!  (Sadly...I lost some of these.   Eventually I'll redo them or figure out where they are, but for now, here's the ones I still have)

Sadly all the ones below are ones that I've lost.   
If you happen to have one of these in a file I would love if you would send it to me.   The best way is through a private message to my facebook page here.

Click on the images above to get a larger version to print. These printouts are free for you and your kids to use. They can be used as coloring pages in schools, day-cares, churches, or of course, at home. They may NOT be re-posted on another website or used commercially without my permission. You may, however, post pictures of the print-outs you or your child has colored on your personal, non-commercial website or blog (or on flickr, facebook, or other social networking sites).

And here's some pictures of some my website visitors have colored:

Regina colored a heart together with her daughter Aurora.
You can see more pictures on her blog here.


Beeb used a purple sharpie and a
pink hi-lighter to make her Psychedelic Leaves.

Petra (a forum friend of mine)
colored this heart...

...and her son colored this heart...

...and this leaf.

If you'ld like to color a Scribbleprint like these, they are free to print here.

If you or your child has colored one of these, and you want to share it, you can e-mail me a picture of it at, or post it on your blog or website and leave a link in the comments and I'll add it to this page!