Monday, February 10, 2014

My Newest Design: Heart of Flowers

Check out my newsest watercolor design...I call it Heart of Flowers.

To make this I cut a heart out of construction paper to be my guildline...then just had fun filling it in with daisies (mostly daisies).  This was loosly using the technique I shared here earlier in my "Where Art Meets Math" post  (it doesn't look very mathmatical, does it...I did say loosely).

 I'm still adding this to products in my Zazzle shop (debating on whether to add it to CafePress...I'm been sort of moving away from there as they've become less shopkeeper friendly)--I'll probably be adding things gradually over the next few weeks so if there's anything you want it on especially, let me know, and I'll make that a top priority.  They have some new products this one (definately a fave):

These aren't new, but I also love how it looks on the tea-pot and cup.