Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Music That Moves Me

A funny thing happened last week.  The blogger over at Xmas dolly invited me to join in on her meme, Monday Music Moves me, which happened to have a country theme.  The first thing I thought of was this funny Texas song that I had just been waiting for an excuse to share on my other blog, Texifornia.  But in stead of clicking on Texifornia when I posted it, I clicked on Scribbleprints, and accidentlally posted it here...I even copied the link and shared it on the meme before I realized I'd put it in the wrong place.  So I went back and fixed things, and deleted it here, but because the original link on Monday Music Meme could only be taken down by the blogger, people were coming here looking for it for a while before it was taken down.

That's all taken care of, but it got me thinking of some beautiful country songs I love that I WOULD like to share with you all here.  So, I'm going to do a Music Post here after all.

The first song I'd like to share is "You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All" sung by Alison Krauss.  I'm a bit of a country fan.  My husband is NOT.  But, regardless, when we were dating every time this song came on the radio I'd have to stop whatever I was doing and listen to it, because it made me think of him.

Though it isn't one I relate to as much as the first, I love the mournful beauty of the next song by Trisha Yearwood.

If you'ld like to see what other bloggers have picked to feature, you can find more Country Music posts here...


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  1. Well personally I'm glad for the mix up because I got to hear your great selections. I truly hope you come back on this Monday. It's freebie week and you can put both your blogs on our linky if you like - not a problem. We'll come visit both. I just happen to see this so I thought I'd stop by. Have a great weekend, and now you have 2 chances at our Spotlight Dance. This week I'm going to start putting our Spotlight Dancers as No. 1 even before the hosts! Woo Hoo!