Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter

I'm taking a break from the computer for the next few days as our family takes time to remember the death and ressurection of Jesus, and I wanted to wish you all a wonderful happy Easter!  

Praise God for his mercy and grace!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Year's Tax Resolutions

I just finished Taxes...and this small business/not quite a business of mine did not make them easier.  All the hassles left me with some new tax year's resolutions to try to make things easier for myself next year.  Here's ten things I plan to do differently (or better).

1.  Keep better track of the of items I give away (I can count them as advertising cost).

2.  Keep better track of the items I won in giveaways, which are supposed to be reported.

3.  NOT use my income from sales in my Zazzle account to buy things from Zazzle.  I had to go through every order I made and figure out how much I had spent that hadn't been included in the payments they sent me so I could get my total income.  BIG PAIN!

4.  Keep track of other stuff I buy for business (like packaging material for mailing giveaway items, or printing for files).

5.  Keep all my business related reciepts in a folder where I can find them easily.

6.  Learn how to use a spreadsheet to record and calculate all this junk.

7.  Still keep a paper record because computers can crash and burn sometimes.

8.  Get a new notebook with tabs for my paper records (DONE!). 

9.  Start earlier!  Don't wait til the last minute to fill those tax forms out!

10.  Write my congressman about making it easier to report income that doesn't show up on your W2s (like babysitting, mowing lawns, Zazzle and Ebay income, etc.)   On the IRS website on this subject, they complain about revenues lost when people don't report money from these small side jobs--but just figuring out how to report it is a major chore (I wrote a little guide here).  Since there's no paper trail on most of these, and they're asking us to report them on the honor system...the least they can do is make it simpler (IMHO)!

So, after finishing taxes this there anything you plan to change to make it easier next year?


Monday, April 4, 2011

New Sticker Shapes!

Scribbleprints now has fun new stickers shapes! Hearts, stars, squares, and more! I've added a few of these already to my shop...but you can use the customize tool to change any of my current stickers designs on circle stickers to one of these new shapes.

CafePress and Zazzle Giveaways for April

Hello everybody!  Found some more CafePress  giveaways for you!  See, it's almost like being able to give away something from my shop since if you win, you COULD get something of mine.  :-)  You can find my stuff at CafePress by searching under scribbleprints or galesgiggles there.  To see my items at Zazzle  just visit my shop.

April 15
$40 CafePress credit at Dirty Truth Reviews*

April 17
$40 CafePress credit at What Mamma Wants
$60 CafePress credit at Outnumbered 3 to One*

April 29
$100 Zazzle credit at Centsable Mamma (entered)
$100 Zazzle credit at Coupon Dad
$100 Zazzle credit at She Saved
$100 Zazzle credit at  I Go BOGO
$100 Zazzle credit at Hoosier Homemade
$100 Zazzle credit at  Deal Seeking Mom
$100 Zazzle credit at I Heart Publix
$100 Zazzle credit at Nicole's Nickles
$100 Zazzle credit  at Koupon Karen
$100 Zazzle credit at Totally Target
$100 Zazzle credit  at Wild for Wags
$100 Zazzle credit Penny Pinchin Mom

*I earned entries for posting about ones marked with a star.

Sale on Maternity Shirts

Maternity shirts on sale!   This sale is only in the CafePress marketplace only, and ends at 11:59 pm PT Feb 24. You can find my maternity shirts in the CafePress marketplace at the links below:

Maternity Shirts 

Ultimate Blog Party - 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Hello everyone, and welcome to my Blog Party Post. The Ultimate Blog Party is a huge blog hop hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom, and I thought I'd join in!

I'm an artist and this blog is mainly about my art and the products I sell through Zazzle and CafePress. Zazzle and CafePress are both print on demand shops where people can buy products like posters and t-shirts and cards printed with artist designs.  Nothing is printed until someone buys it, which makes it free for artists to sell their work there.

My artwork mainly falls mainly into a couple categories:

These are pieces that start quite literally as 
scribbles, but when I'm done become fun 
pictures and wild designs.  Here's a few examples:

Lady Red print
This is my favorite can
see more products with my Red Lady
at My Zazzle Shop
and My CafePress Shop.

Pierced print
There's a story about this can read it here
See products with my Pierced design
at My Zazzle Shop
and My CafePress Shop

Baby's First Christmas Ornament ornament

So many baby items are pastel...I thought I'd do
something different with this Tribal Toes
design which you can find 
at My Zazzle Shop
and My CafePress Shop.

Funny Desings
Then I also have designs which reflect my humor.
A lot of these are inspired by my experience
raising my three precious boys.
Sleep Deprived Parent Bag bag
This one I thought up when I was in the throes
of 4 am feedings.  See products with this design
at My Zazzle Shop
and My CafePress Shop.

Inner Child Poster print
This design was just rattling around in my head
until I had to do something with it.
See products with my Inner Child design
at My Zazzle Shop
and My CafePress Shop.

Apple sticker

I also have started dabbling in water color....I've only added one water color design to my shops, an apple, but I have plans to do more.  

Thanks for stopping by my party post!  I hope you'll take a look around.  As well as sharing about my art and my shops here, I also occasionally post thoughts about art and creativity and share my kids art and ideas for exploring art with kids.   And I have some great free printables and graphics to share with you all.

Join me on