Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Ornaments at My Zazzle Shop!

I just finished a bunch of new ornaments for my Zazzle shop!   

Scribbleprint Christmas ornament Lady ornament
Scribbleprint Heart ornament Scribbleprint Star ornament

35% Off Ornaments
Through December 16, 2010

See All Designs Here!

For a long time now I've had oval and circle shaped ornaments at my CafePress Shops...but some of you will remember when I had heart and star shaped ornaments through my ArtsNow shop.  When I closed that shop down (for various reasons) those ornaments were the hardest thing to lose.

Well, now Zazzle has them!  They do cost more than the ones currently at my CafePress shop, but they come in more shapes (not only heart and star, but metal cirlces and squares and a t-shirt shape, which I have yet to try but am thinking of some designs for).    Unlike my CafePress ornaments these can be customized, and have front and back printing.  That means that you can put a picture or personal message on the front or back!

TIP:  Designs with printing on the back cost a few dollars more, so if you don't care about back printing and want to save a little you can remove the design from the back using the customization tool.  For un-customized circle and oval ornaments, you can get a better price at my CafePres Shop.

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