Monday, December 31, 2012

Scribbleprints in 2012 - A Year in Review

This year both Cafepress and Zazzle added so many new products I was scrambling to keep up.  You can see the new products I added at Scribbleprints this year on my Pinterest board below...

I also added some new designs this year!

New Designs

Bird Ceramic Tile  

Snooze Button
Alarm Baby Pacifier

Alarm Baby Pacifiers

And it was exciting getting to take part in
Zazzle's project to help raise money for
Hurricane Sandy Victims.  You can read more 
about that here.

Well, that was Scribbleprints 2012!  Personally for me it was 
somewhat of a difficult year, as I lost my dad in February.

 But there were many moments of joy too...precious moments with my
three boys, my husband, family, friends, church and all this beautiful world.  I'm thankful for my family and all of God's blessings.  Hope you all
have a wonderful 2013!  Happy New Year!

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stolen Giveaways

The following giveaways aren't technically mine, but you could use your winnings from these to buy things from Scribbleprints since I sell through these shops!

$25 CafePress GC at The Neat Things (12/15)

Zazzle Christmas Ornament of Your Choice (12/16)

$50 CP GC at Mom in the City (12/19)

CafePress GC at Lil Pumpkin (12/19)

$25 CafePress GC at Open Hands (12/20)

$40 CafePress GC at Attic Girl (12/29)

$25 CafePress GC at Harper Household (1/11) 

After Christmas Sale!

Use coupon code GIFTSYOUWANT for 
the following savings through December 28!

60% Off

50% Off

30% Off

15% Off

10% Off

Sale can't be combined with other discounts.  If a volume discount applies to your order, you will receive either the discount set forth in this offer or the standard volume discount, whichever is greater.   On stamps the 10% discount is 10% off the purchase price MINUS the USPS price of the stamps.   This is only good at my US shop, not at my international shops.  For international shop coupons click here.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Shipping + COUPON

Unfortunately, you can't ship anything by Christmas from my shops now, but if getting it by Christmas isn't an issue, you can save 50% on the following products with coupon code YOURGOODDEAL at my Zazzle shop through the 25th:  ApparelNecklacesCasesMugs.  Click here for more coupons!

AND, if you do want to make these Christmas gifts you can  print out  one of the following "certificates" while you wait for your order to come.  (Click on graphic to see full-size and print).

Friday, December 14, 2012


Praying for the 
families and friends
 of the victims of 
the shooting at 
Sandy Hook Elementary.

If you would like to use the candle above online, feel free.  Only please do not use it commercially, though it is ok to use on sites where advertising or other items are sold if used as a memorial candle.  If used in a collection or where you are offering it to others for free, please include a link back to

"Stolen" Giveaways

The following giveaways aren't technically mine, but you could use your winnings from these to buy things from Scribbleprints since I sell through these shops!

$25 CafePress GC at The Neat Things (12/15)

Zazzle Christmas Ornament of Your Choice (12/16)

$50 CP GC at Mom in the City (12/19)

CafePress GC at Lil Pumpkin (12/19)

$25 CafePress GC at Open Hands (12/20)

$40 CafePress GC at Attic Girl (12/29)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scribbleprints Giveaways! Ending Dec 14!

I'm giving away a sampler of scribbleprints goodies including stickers, stationery, and a mini-print of my Lady Red Design at Lovee Sarah's 4 Day BOSS Giveaway.  but that's not all you can win.  Others are giving away a $20 Target gift card and ad space!  One winner takes all!

Click Here to Enter

And that's not the only giveaway I'm sponsoring!

At the group giveaway at Perfectly Imperfect Mom I'm giving fun Parental Warning Set includes a reversible Sleep Deprived Parent Sign/Tantrum Zone Sign, A Sleep Deprived Parent Notecard, Stickers, and a Mini-Bookmark.

Click Here To Enter

 And some "stolen" giveaways...

Why stolen?  Well, the giveaways below someone else is paying for, but because they are from the items I sell my products through, you could use them to buy stuff from scribbleprints! 

$25 CafePress GC at The Neat Things (12/15) - US

Zazzle Christmas Ornament of Your Choice (12/16)

More Scribbleprints Sales and Coupons

In My Zazzle Shop 

50% Off Labels and Stickers
Expires: December 15, 2012

50% Off Cards and Invitations,  
Expires: December 25, 2012

50% Off 2 or More Ties
Expires: December 25, 2012

30% Off Business Cards
Coupon Code: BIZCARDS2013
Expires: December 25, 2012

25% Off Necklaces
Expires: December 25, 2012

25% Off Ornaments
Expires: December 25, 2012

20% Off Plates
Expires: December 25, 2012

20% off 2 or More Mugs
Expires: December 25, 2012

20% Off Dart Boards
Coupon Code: 20ZDARTBOARD
Expires: December 25, 2012

20% Off Skins
Expires: December 25, 2012

Free Shipping All Year
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In the CafePress Marketplace
Prices in the marketplace may differ from my shops.

Mini-plates on sale! Up to $8 Off!
Or find my funny platters here!
No coupon necessary.

In My CafePress Shops
If There's a Sale It Will Show Up On the Banner Below

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Giveaway at Perfectly Imperfect Mom (12/14)

This week I'm taking part in a fun giveaway over at Perfectly Imperfect Mom. Here's a bigger picture of what I'm giving away: 

This fun Parental Warning Set includes a reversible Sleep Deprived Parent Sign/Tantrum Zone Sign, A Sleep Deprived Parent Notecard, Stickers, and a Mini-Bookmark.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

DAILY DEAL: 40% Off Mugs and Shirts!

Use coupon code 12DAILYDEAL6 for...

40% Off Shirts
(White Shirts Only)

40% Off Posters

10% Off Everything
(Except Stamps

More Coupons Here!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tile Boxes: The Best Product No One Buys

The tile boxes are I think my favorite product at any of my shops.  When people see them in person they "ooh and ahh over them"...but  pictures they show in the shop just doesn't do them justice.  So I gave my photographer friend one of these boxes to photograph so I could show you just how beautiful they really are!

Right now these are on sale 
in the CafePress marketplace
for $4 less than my regular shop prices. 

Shop Funny Designs

Not sure when this sale will be over - so 
if you don't see them marked down,
you can find them in my shop
where they are usually less.

See My Other Sales Here

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CafePress and Zazzle Giveaways

CafePress and Zazzle, two of the websites I sell through, often have giveaways.  I like to find them now and then and share them with you!  If you won you could even choose something of mine!  (Scroll down to find out how to find my designs there).

CafePress Ornament (11/24)

CafePress Infant Bodysuit (11/27)*

CafePress T-shirt or Maternity Shirt (11/29) - CANADA ONLY

CafePress Pet Bowl and Treat Jar (11/29)

Zazzle Christmas Ornament (12/1)

50% Off CafePress Ornament Code (12/7)

$25 CafePress GC at Mommy and Me Giveaways (12/11) - US/CAN**

$25 CafePrss CG at Piece of Me (12/12)* - US

$25 CafePress GC at 3 Boys & Dog   (12/13) - US/CAN

$25 CafePress GC at The Neat Things (12/15) - US

So how to do you find the products with my designs at Zazzle and CafePress?  Just earch under scribbleprints, or at CafePress scribbleprints or galesgiggles (for the funny designs).

*Got extra entries for blogging about these.

**Just a note to myself that these were running slow and I need to go back to do extra entries.

Monday, November 19, 2012

New Design - I Need Advice!

I am so close to being finished with the wreath design!  Just working on colors.  And I need your help!  This design had an area that was shaped like a bow--again, something I didn't plan, but since it came out that way, wanted to try to work with it.  Only, I'm not sure if it work...need a second oppinion.

 Does the bow work, or does it make it look funny?

For comparison, here's how it would look with no bow.

I can of course do both versions too.

 Or I could make a solid bow and place it over the green.

What do you think?


Just wanted to give a big thanks to Emily of Insanity Rules for the sweet feature she did on her blog of Scribbleprints (which she did for nothing, just out of the goodness of her heart!).

What Scribbleprints is Doing to Help Hurricane Victims...

Zazzle has set up a program where artists can  donate 100% of the profits from any products we choose to help victims of Hurricane Sandy (and 100% includes Zazzle's profits too, not just our own commissions).   What I'm contributing is listed can see all the artist donated designs here.

100% Of the profits on the following items from my Zazzle Shop will go to help hurricane victims:

Bird Fridge Magnets  

Some of these items are also ON SALE!
Click here to get coupons!

Proceeds will be donated through December, unless Zazzle ends the program before then.    Only these items from my Zazzle shop are part of this program.  Proceeds from similar items at my CafePress and Printfection shop are not being donated. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fun Designs from Other Great Artists On Zazzle

I'm part of a great community of artists and designers at Zazzle.  There's so much talent there, sometimes I just like to browse all the cool, funny, and cute designs there.   Below are some really cute designs baby showers and gifts for moms and dads.

Green Leap Frog Shower Invitation (Pink) 2-sided

Disclaimer:  Guess what, Zazzle is giving me a gift card for posting this!
Kinda cool...I've been bragging on them for quite a while now so it feels like a really nice thank you to be contacted to do this.  And I sure don't mind supporting some of my fellow artists there. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A New Design

What do you think of my new card?  It uses the same design that's been on my twitter button for a while,  but until recently I hadn't put it on any products.

Still She Sings
Still She Sings by scribbleprints
See more products with this design. 

This card was made using my own scribbbleprints and and a silhouette I made using an image of an Oriole from Graphics Fairy  (I made some free twitter graphics with it too which you can find here).    This weekend I  found a beautiful quote by Victor Hugo that seemed perfect for it.  Thought it turned out rather nice! 

Right now 100% of the profits from this card are going to help Hurricane Sandy Victims.  That's not just my artist...Zazzle's is donating all of their profits too through a special program partnering with Zazzle artists who choose to donate their work.  

Use coupon code ALLCARDSSALE for 50% Off Cards and Invitations  (Ends Nov 27).

If there's any other quotes you'ld like to see with this design, leave a comment with the quote and I'll see what I can do about it!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Permission to Pin - Granted! (With a Few Restrictions)

Please feel free to pin any of my products or artwork shown on this blog or in my shops.  Other photos are fine too, unless marked "Do Not Pin,"  though please do not pin photos with my children, thanks.

Pins of my artwork, products, or photos should link back to this blog or my shops (if you pin using the Pin It widget, then it should link back automatically to this page--so no worries.)  Thanks so much for pinning!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Coloring Page

Autumn is here so I thought I'd take a little time to remind everyone about my free fall coloring pages!  And they aren't just for kids! Grown-ups can have fun coloring these too!  These are free for personal or classroom use.

I also have one sectioned into smaller cut-apart boxes.  You can cut these out and wrap them around some crayons for party favors, trick-or-treat candy alternative, or for a fun activity to keep the kids busy while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Leaves to Cut and Share
(For non-commercial, personal use only.)

These are just a couple of the coloring pages you can print for free from my site. See more here.

And here's some examples of them colored by my readers  (if you or you child colors one I'd love to see it!  You can e-mail it to me at or if it's online just comment with the link and I'll share it on my blog). 

 Beeb colored the following.  She didn't have crayons ready, so she used a 
purple sharpie and a pink hi-lighter to make her Psychedelic Leaves. 

Petra's son colored this leaf.  Love it!

Thanks to the following blogs that let me link this post up in their linky parties!

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