Monday, August 9, 2010

What My Kids Have Been Up To This Week....

Artistically, that is...

We found instructions for this fun giraffe craft at Redtedart's Blog.
We were all out of yellow paint so went for blue, red, and green. 

And of course there were more lego creations,
including this tractor...

...and this amazing tree house.


  1. Oh how fabulous! Your Giraffe's came out brilliantly! And fab to see "older" boys enjoy it too! Thank you so much for linking back at Red Ted and letting me see them! Much appreciated!!!!


  2. Those are adorable giraffes -- and what a great painting, folding, and gluing project! That treehouse is truly magnificent too.

  3. A tree house, I have to show that to my son, :)

  4. Your boys are cute. I remember the Lego days....seems like just yesterday :)

  5. Giraffes -- how cool are those!?! They did such a great job and look like they are having a ton of summer fun :D Love the looks of concentration while they're working on their projects too ;)

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN