Wednesday, August 4, 2010

CafePress Giveaways - August

Every month I go out searching for blog giveaways CafePress is sponsoring (and Zazzle and Printfection too...but CafePress seems to sponsor the most).  I like to share it because, hey...if you win you might choose something of mine (which are easy to find in the marketplace by searching under galesgiggles or galesgifts - *grin*).  Here's what I've found so far this month (organized by end date)!

August 13
You Say Too - CafePress T-Shirt  (LOW COMMENT!)

August 16
My Four Monkeys - CafePress Sigg Bottle
Tammy's Two Cents - CafePress Hoodie

August 21
And Then There Were 4 - CafePress T-Shirt

August 26
Thanks Mail Carrier - CafePress Flip Mino Camera

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  1. Hi Gale,

    I just re-read the note you sent in January about how Texas has slowly grown on you. I completely understand that -- thanks for sharing the story!

    Greetings from Munich,