Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Gym Bags, Beach Bags, and Aprons!

I've got some great new products at my CafePress shops! Gym Bags, Beach Bags, and Aprons!

The coolest of these I think are the Gym Bags. Check out how my Sleep Deprived Parent, Body by Baby and All Boy designs came out on these. Cool huh?

...CafePress also added Beach Bags.

beach bag

Honestly, I'm not quite as excited about those since I already offer similar bags through Zazzle, and Printfection, and because the print area is somewhat hard to work with. There is only a square area in the center of the front you can print on (not a rectangle as would be expected), and though the print area on the back is larger, people usually like to walk with the pocket out, so I'm not sure if using that area is the answer (I can use both, but that raises the price). I'd love your feedback on that.

Finally, my CafePress shops have new upgraded aprons. They are now longer (32" long), thicker (100% heavy cotton twill), and come in 4 colors (white, khaki, yellow and navy).


I'm excited about these even though I already sell similar aprons at Zazzle, mainly because of the new color, navy, which is not available there.

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  1. I love the gym bag! I dont know what my favorite is Body by Baby or All Boy so cute