Monday, December 28, 2009

After Christmas Sale Today

It's been a great Christmas! Texas had snow...real snow, that stayed on the ground from Christmas Eve through now (though most of it's melted, there's still a little left). I have been blissfully ignorant of anything having to do with my shop, and just ventured on today to see how things went. Discovered that Zazzle was having an after-Christmas sale, ending tonight. Most of these are not quite as good as the pre-Christmas sales...but the 75% off cards is the best I've seen, so I thought I'd pass this along...

75% OFF Cards, Photo Cards and Invites
50% OFF Ties
40% OFF Posters
25% OFF Mousepads
25% OFF Business Cards
20% OFF Tote Bags
20% OFF Aprons
15% OFF T-Shirts
10% OFF Mugs

Through Dec 28, 2009 at my Zazzle Shop

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