Monday, March 5, 2012

Scribbleprints Clover Coloring Page

Since St. Patricks Day is coming up, I just wanted to remind everyone about the free Clover coloring pages I have on my site! I also have several other designs to choose from.

Click on the picture below for the printer size version.

(Non commercial use only - not for redistribution)

If you or your little one color one of my coloring pages and would like to share what you made, please e-mail me at ecarian at yahoo dot com and show me it! Let me know if I can use it as an example on my site, and if you post it up on your blog send me the link so I can link to it. :-)

Did you know that St. Patrick is said to have explained the Trinity to the Irish people using a three leafed clover?  Just as the three separate leaves of the clover were part of one leaf, so the three persons of the Trinity, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, were separate, yet one. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Love this! And I have one just the right size for it this year :) Thanks for joining in the party! Is it ok to pin this on pinterest? If not I can just pin your header with a descript about the color page if you would like. And I am tweeting this!

    1. It's absolutely ok to pin it, so long as the pin links back here :-)

  2. Thanks I have pinned and tweeted it now, just wanted to make sure as it is a printable :) Thanks again for joining in!!

  3. Thanks for linking up to fun frugal friday. : )

  4. Great idea - my son would love this.

    Happy St Patrick's Day from N Ireland.