Friday, February 25, 2011

Sandstone Coasters 50% Off - 4 Hour Sale

Sandstone Coasters at my Zazzle Shop are 50% Off until 5:00 CST Feb 26 with coupon code FFHSCOASTERS!

Didn't know I even carried coasters?  Well, I never really announced them, and up until today I had only added the apple design.  Many of my other designs I didn't think looked as spiffy with the fading that comes from printing on sandstone (I gather).  Plus, $10 seemed like a lot for a single coaster when I already sold tile coasters through my CafePress shop for $5.  But since these are being marked down to the same I've added some clover designs (which look alright faded, I think)...these should show up in my shop within the hour.

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