Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Than All These Things....

I've been exploring One World One Heart...and enjoying meeting bloggers from around the world, and seeing some much beautiful art along the way.

But one line in from one of the blogs I visited, In The Light, struck more deeply....

She said, "I'm a freelance writer, occasional speaker, and now and then painter with a growing interest in photography.  But God has my heart more than all these things."

But God has my heart more than all these things...

I wish I could say that.   That I'm an artist, writer, mother, wife...but that God has my heart more than all these things.   But in truth so many things even more trivial than those things have my heart more than God.

I pray that God will change my heart so that is it His...more than all these things.

1 comment:

  1. Gale,
    I'm so glad you were inspired by my words. How easy it is to drift from God. Women have too much to do. But I'm finding that we always make time for what we love. It starts with a decision to love God more. And it takes effort. All He wants is for us to make time for Him. Since He created us, it really is a small thing to ask. I remind myself how I would feel if my children had no time for me. Not preaching, just sharing.
    God's best to you