Monday, October 11, 2010

Party Favors/Prizes

I have lots of fun party games and giveaways going on, with prizes for each.    Each winner gets to choose ONE prize from the items listed below.  Only designs shown below are available as prizes. 

1.75" Button
(with plastic, not metal backs)

I Drank The Water buttonSleep Deprived Parent Button buttonInner Child Button button

A Sticker Sampler

A Large Cross Sticker

A 5" x 5" Cardstock Warning Sign

A Sleep Deprived Parent Greeting Card

Sleep Deprived Parent Card card

While cards sold in my shop are sold blank,
this card will come with the following text:

Congratulations on your new little
4 am wake-up call!

May God bless you
and sustain you
through this time of
challenge and joy!

(On Opposite page)
"He gives strength to the weary..."
Isaiah 40:29a

TWO Fire Leaf Notecards

Fire Leaf Card card

Winners will be announced on this blog on November 2nd.   Since there are limited quantities of some of these items, so whoever is first to claim the prize will get first choice of prizes.  I have several of each item on hand, though, so unless half of the winners choose the exact same item that shouldn't even be an issue.  Winners who fail to claim their item by November 8 will forfeit it.