Saturday, October 30, 2010

Free Twitter and Facebook Blog Buttons

You may have noticed that I have a new button on my sidebar...a twitter button!  Yes, that's right, I'm on Twitter now!   Tweet tweet!  Just another way to follow!

I made my button to match my facebook button, and shrunk them a little...

twitter facebook

I thought they came out rather nice. 

Since I used a free graphic from The Graphics Fairy to make the bird silhouette, I thought it would be nice to "pay it forward" a little and pass on some freebies to you. So, I made the following blog graphics which are a little less Scribbleprints-centric. These are free to use on your blog or website.   To do this right click on the pictures below and save them to your computer, then upload them to your blog or server or a free graphics storage site like PhotoBucket .



You can find the original Oriole graphic I used
to create the Twitter bird The Graphic Fairy.

The graphic did not start in silhouette.
Here is that graphic with the background removed,
and then changed into a silhouette.

You notice I removed the leaves and added a leg on (the bird looked one-legged in silhouette without it). The added leg really changes the look of the bird...makes him look like he's sitting on top of a branch in stead of dangling under it. I also changed the branch a little bit. This was actually my first idea...I made the branch longer for my buttons.

You are welcomed to use these for your own graphics projects or whatever. You can click on them for slightly larger versions.   If you use them online a link back to me ( ) and The Graphics Fairy ( somewhere on your page would be appreciated, but is not required.  Of course, all of the other graphics on this blog are off limits, unless of course you are using them to help promote my site or products, or I've otherwise specifically given you permission. 


The Graphics Fairy

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for allowing me to share!

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  1. Hey Gale!

    Thanks so much for the suggestion about tagging the Low Entry Lowdown and This for That...I didn't know the tags worked that way and allowed you to bring up the latest link!


  2. Aren't you a sweetheart. Thanks :)

    I don't link to either place on my blog, because Twitter is the one place I can be myself without worrying about family, and FB is the one place I can hang with my family without bringing a bunch of strangers along :) Plus, when I fan people's blogs, my photo and real name shows up on people's blogs, so that doesn't work for me, but I appreciate your gesture very much :)

  3. Your buttons are great!!! Love the silhouette you made too, I just might take you up on your offer of borrowing it! I will credit you of course, if I do. Thanks for linking this up to Brag Monday!

  4. love those buttons! you are so creative!