Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aloha Friday - Art

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday! Every Friday (well, ok, almost every Friday) I ask a simple question--nothing that requires a lengthy response. 

Here's my question...
Tell me about one painting, artwork, sculpture, figurine, or other work of art in your home?  When/how did you get it?  Why do you like it (or, if you don't like it...why do you keep it around)?

Please leave your answer in a comment below.  And, if you have a blog and would like to post your own question you can leave your link at An Island Life.


  1. great question. When I was about 16 I bought this really cool painting of two killer whales in the ocean. I loved the colors and scenery. It still hangs on our wall to this day. The was the first and only painting I have purchased. (wife usually buys them now). Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I have a painting of a Mother reading to her daughter on her bed. I love that painting, it reminds me of days gone by with my daughter , she is now a teen.
    My Aloha friday-collectibles

  3. I have a pastel of my children my grandmother did a couple years ago. I cherish it.

  4. OMG We have almost no artwork. We do have a lot of figurines though. My mom used to be a top seller/recruiter in Avon, and has a ton of Mrs. Albee's from them. I collect Lucy & Me bears :)

  5. I have a painting that I loved as a little girl that was in my grandma's home. It is 2 girls playing the piano and violin next to a spiral staircase. I can remember as a little girl dreaming of going up all those stairs!

    Thanks for stopping by today...I am your newest follower!

  6. We do have one painting. It's a house among trees. One of my hubs relatives painted it.