Monday, July 26, 2010

Water Color Fun With My Kids

Had fun painting water colors with my kids last week...

My 5 year old painted the green tree on the left, and my 7 year old painted the one on the right (a branch with leaves and a birds nest is sticking out the side...if you were wondering).

Here's some more they did...

The abstract pastel on the top way by my two year old.  The bird and the lightsabers (with flowers and tree...because those totally go together *grin*) was by my 7 year old.  The blue painting was by my 5 year old--"it's night" he told me.

I had fun painting too.  I attempted some fruit.  Most didn't come out but my son said this was "the best apple ever."  (Kid compliments warm my heart).

And I tried my hand at a t-rex...this was fun (though I ran out of room for the RAWR!)

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  1. Hi Gale -- So glad you found MMM! My family had been out camping all this past week so sorry I'm so late in stopping by ;)

    I love that the whole family got in on your art session -- such great work! The lightsabers and bird nest are just wonderful and the "night" painting gave me such a smile (such creativity!)

    Hope to see lots more from your talented kiddos! I'm so glad you posted -- MMM is open to everyone :)

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN