Friday, June 4, 2010

Sleep Deprived Parents

In April I invited bloggers to write a blog post using my Sleep Deprived Parent design and offered a Sleep Deprived Parent Button for a modest prize.  I also promised to share about some of the more creative entries on my blog.  There were several very creative posts, but as May is a VERY FULL month for me (with Mother's Day, my birthday, our anniversary, end of school activities for my son, and graduation at the University my husband works for), I wasn't able to do that...UNTIL NOW!  If you haven't read these already I think you'll enjoy hearing these Sleep Deprived tales!

Becky at Blossoms and Blessings was the first to blog.  She's a mom of four, and the stories she wrote about had me chuckling.  Here's my favorite story she shared:

"One time I went to nurse one of the kids in the night and thought, "But I need to put this baby down first", so I laid the 'baby' on the floor and when I got back to bed, my pillow was gone and I found it on the floor outside the nursery!"

You can read more of her sleep deprived tales here.

The winner of the button was Sara at Lady Bug Garden.  After the night she described I don't know how she had the presence of mind to blog.  All three of her children seemed to conspire to keep her from a full night's sleep.  You can read about her harrowing night here.

Mama May's post on Christ, coffee and knitting needles, was short but full of wit.  She wrote:

"Yes, I am sleep deprived... this is why I am presently living on coffee... as in 4 pots a day.  I know, they say sleep when the baby sleeps but really, I have 2 other kids too, what do I do with them?! Throw them to the wolves?"

As a mom of three,  I can say AMEN to that!  (Though luckily the baby is now two so I'm getting sleep again.  Yeah!).

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  1. wow I sooo remember those days, thankfully mine is also almost 2 and we're getting some good sleep....and good naps too =) yippee! My support goes to all the parents going through this stage right now!