Saturday, March 14, 2015

St. Patrick's Confessio: Sections 45 - 47

"I was not quick to accept what he showed me, and so the Spirit prompted me. The Lord was merciful to me a thousand thousand times, because he saw in me that I was ready, but that I did not know what I should do about the state of my life."~ St. Patrick

In today's passage he talks about his struggles to follow God.  The line above especially struck me, maybe because I can relate to it...not so much in the past tense, as he says it, but in the present.  It's hard sometimes, in our Christian walk, to know where to turn and how to go, and to follow the Lord's prompting.  Again and again, as he has before, he thanks God for his forgiveness and mercy.

(I choose to make this passage or reading short, because the next section seems to go together and I couldn't figure out how to break it up...tomorrow will be a bit longer).

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