Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Shop With Customized Girl!

This is just a little announcement that I've opened up a new shop through Customized girl. It just has a few items for now, but there will be more soon

Plus you can take any product in my shop use the Customize This button to swop out that item for any other item customized girl offers  (for instance, if my design is on a shirt and you want it on another style shirt,or even a teddy bear, you can do that!).  You can also change colors or add text!

One of my favorite items are their flowy shirts (like the one shown at right).

They have a lot of other fun items...lots of cute shirts, stuffed animals, and bags.

I'm still deciding what to add next. Alas, some of my designs are stuck on a drobo and I can't get at them to add them now, but hopefully I'll have some more up soon.

Use coupon code CG14R to get $5 off orders of $16 or more through 9/30/14 

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