Friday, January 11, 2013

Valentines Giveaway - And Some Other "Stolen" Giveaways

Valentines Business Card Templates
Valentines Mini Card by scribbleprints

I'm sponsoring a giveaway for some 3.5" x 2.5" mini valentines cards (pictured above) and some stickers over at Lipgloss and Crayons. You can enter until the 15th!

Click Here to Enter

More Giveaways!

The giveaways below aren't technically "mine," but since I sell through CafePress anyone who won these could use their winnings to buy Scribbleprints (they could...of course they wouldn't have to).

$25 CafePress GC at Harper Household (1/11)

$25 CafePress GC at Plumb Crazy About Coupons (1/12)

CafePress iPad Case at Sammi's Blog of Life (1/17)

$25 CafePress GC at She Scribes (1/18)

$25 CafePress CG at Missi Rose's Coupons (1/18)

$25 CafePress CG at Susy Homemaker (1/18)  - Low Entry

$25 CafePress GC at Mamma in Flip Flops (1/21)

$25 CafePress CG at Lucky Ladybug (1/22)

$25 CafePress GC at Party of Three (1/23)

$50 CafePress GC at Baby Loving Mama (1/25)

$25 CafePress GC at And the Little Ones Too (1/25)

$25 CafePress GC at Misadventures of a First Time Mom (2/3)

If you do win, and want to get something from scribbleprints, just search under scribbleprints or galesgiggles or texifornia (for my Texas item) and you will be able to find my designs in the CP marketplace.

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  1. This is such a great idea ~ to list the giveaways!
    Thank you Gale :)

    Our big giveaway for January sponsor highlights kicks off Monday! Super excited!!