Monday, November 19, 2012

What Scribbleprints is Doing to Help Hurricane Victims...

Zazzle has set up a program where artists can  donate 100% of the profits from any products we choose to help victims of Hurricane Sandy (and 100% includes Zazzle's profits too, not just our own commissions).   What I'm contributing is listed can see all the artist donated designs here.

100% Of the profits on the following items from my Zazzle Shop will go to help hurricane victims:

Bird Fridge Magnets  

Some of these items are also ON SALE!
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Proceeds will be donated through December, unless Zazzle ends the program before then.    Only these items from my Zazzle shop are part of this program.  Proceeds from similar items at my CafePress and Printfection shop are not being donated. 

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