Monday, January 2, 2012

Scribbleprints Year in Review

Thought I'd take some time to look over this year and plan for next.

It's been a busy and emotional year offline--coming to term with my Dad's Parkinsons as he enters the last stages of that disease has been a big part of that, then the usual school and church stuff, seasonal colds, holidays, etc.

2011 also saw a lot of computer "issues."  We got a drobo to back-up our data, put everything on it, then it took forever for me to figure out how to get things back OFF of it.  Went for months not being able to get at all my images. Then later in the year I spilled tea on my laptop, and because we were broke then and like the more expensive ergonomic keyboards there was a month I was without my home computer (just had my husband's laptop when he was home and not using it). 

Before all that happened I a couple goals for Scribbleprints...

  1. Focus less on my shop and more on my family 
  2. Focus less on promoting and more on new designs.
The first I did, though I still think I need to do more.  The second...well, not so much.  I finished one Texas Scribbleprint:
Texas Scribbleprint keychain

I did finish the drawing of a Christmas wreath, but computer problems kept me from getting it online in time to edit it.  Here it is in black and white...expect it some time before NEXT Christmas.  I'll be turning it green and adding red "berries."

And I started a few more art projects but didn't finish them.

But man, CafePress and Zazzle kept me busy anyways!   CafePress added 36 products and Zazzle added 25...I haven't finished adding all of them to my shops yet, and haven't announced many of the ones I have added.  I plan to fix that this month, sharing about a few new products every day.

The other thing that kept me busy was Zazzle's tagging changes.   I've been trying to re-do my tags and still haven't finished with that either.  It's a HUGE chore when you have hundreds of products and have to go in and manually change the tags on each of them!  But without correct tags, they won't be found in the marketplace, which is where I make most of my sales.

Speaking of sales, I did VERY well at Zazzle this year.  Made more sales then last year nearly every month, and December sold a HUGE amount of ornaments.  So happy about that!  My CafePress shop sales dwindled though.  The year started pretty good...fueled by the marketplace bump I got when my <A HREF="">Heart Water Bottle</A> was featured on a CafePress special sale late in 2010...but dwindled down to nearly nothing and didn't even pick up during the holidays.  Sold over 100 items in December at Zazzle, but sold a whopping FOUR items at CafePress the same month. 

So, how was your 2012?

Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshine

Joining a little 
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