Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentines Giveaway

Did you know that business cards make really good Valentines?

Valentines profilecard 

Well, at least, the ones I sell through Zazzle do. They have a nice semi-gloss sheen, and are about the same size as "traditional" Valentines cards.  Plus, you can customize these with your own message or even a picture.  The big ones come in packs of 100, but if you'ld like a smaller quantity, contact me at and I'll see if I can split one of the packs I've bought for myself with you.

 The slim size cards (as seen below) also great for Valentines or party favors and  come in packs of 20! 

Heart Bookmarks profilecardLady Red Bookmarks profilecard

These mini-cards and bookmarks and all other "business card" products at Scribbleprints Zazzle are currently 35% off with coupon code 35OFFBIZCARDS.  (Exp 3/31/11)   

Would you like to win some of these cute Valentines?


  1. That's a beautiful and creative heart!
    Have a great weekend :-)

  2. I'd never considered the business card as valentine before - but you're right about it being just the right size and personalized.