Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Son's Scribbleprints

There are some things your kids will do that will just melt your heart.
This is one of them.

Remind you of anything? My seven year old is making Scribbleprints!  No prompting...he decided to do this all on his own.  We thought the one above looked like a clover, and I got to talk with him about discovering pictures in the scribbles.  :-)

This one he patterned after my cross design (which is on a magnet up in the corner...scroll down to see a larger version of mine, for comparison).   I think his cross is beautiful!  If you look in the pattern you can make out his original scribble and see how he filled in areas on the side, and I  like the types of patterns this made.  This one might have to go straight from the fridge to a frame.

(My cross design below, for comparison, since it's hard to see in the magnet.  Mine has been polished up somewhat and colored in a graphics editor.)

Here's another one he did with a shape to it...

This picture is 100% his own creation.  I think his snail is precious and love
how he made scribble letters with it too!

My son imitating my art makes my heart smile.  I know as he continues to draw and paint and craft he'll come up with his own style and niche that is just his, and I look forward to seeing that develop.  But for now I feel proud to know he likes the art I do enough to try it for himself.

I guess you could say this proves even a child can do Scribbleprints...but, I already knew that.    If you want to try out making your own scribble drawings they are easy to do.   First, make a scribble...just any random scribble will do.   Then fill in each section of the scribble with concentric lines of the same shape (only smaller).    Often you will find shapes in a random scribble that you can draw out by the way you color your scribble.   If you want you can also try scribbling shapes on purpose...these are a little trickier because you want to keep the loose feeling of a scribble, but still control it enough to make a shape.  When I do shaped scribbles (like my cross and wreath), I often do multiple versions before I find one I like enough to clean up in a graphic editor and use in my shop. 

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