Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Angelic Baby Creations Bib - A Review

My boys are big...not "fat" just big.  They each weighed around 10 lbs when they were born, and then just kept growing.  That's why my littlest, who just turned two, fits into size three clothes (and even a few size 4 items).  He has grown out of most of his bibs (they're either two tiny or too snug at the neck), but hasn't grown out of needing them.  That was why I was so happy to get a chance to do some bartering for some large hand-made, long sleeved, pocketed bibs from Angelic Baby Creations.    Here's my little guy modeling one:

Cute huh?  But we need an ACTION shot...

Ah...PIZZA!  That's more like it!

Yeah...check out the fingers.  There we go!

Actually, he was being quite neat for this photo shoot,  but I have no doubt this bib would keep his clothes clean during much messier meals.  The bib was a size large (for ages 2-5), and fit him perfectly.  I'm not sure if it would fit a 5 year old, but then I'm basing that off my little one who, while he fits a size three, still has more baby fat than an actual three year old, and certainly a 5 year old, would.  The sewing is well done--I put the bib through the washer/dryer and it held up fine. 

When you order a bib from Angelic Baby Creations you can pick from a fun selection of fabrics , or choose pre-made styles from her sale section.   Angelic Baby Creations also carries invitations, birth announcements, custom candy bar wrappers, hair bows, mother's bracelets, and pearl charm bracelets.

(I was not payed to write this review, though since the item I traded her for was a little less than the bibs cost, she she did give me a small discount for reviewing her bibs on my blog.).

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