Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hello! Any other sleep deprived parent bloggers out there? So, is it the parenting or the blogging that's making you sleep depirved? (I have to admit, sometimes its a little of both with me).

Well, I've got a fun little giveaway for you. Would you like to win the button below? It looks great attached to a diaper bag! It's especially catching on one of those black Similac bags you get free at the hospital. (Note that when pinning something to a diaper bag, it's best to pin it to the strap or the fabric trim to avoid causing rips in the plastic lining. )

Sleep Deprived Parent Button button
Sleep Deprived Parent Button by scribbleprints

I've also added a way for non-bloggers to enter too -- one that gives bloggers an extra way to win and helps share your site with others too!

If making multiple entries, please leave a comment for each.
  • BLOGGERS: Copy-paste one of the two codes below, or the button picture code, and put it in a post OR on your blog sidebar, then come back and comment with the URL where you posted it. I plan to write about some of my favorite responses to if you want to write about what makes you a sleep deprived parent or include this image in another funny, creative or interesting post, you may also get some linky love in return. But, no text is necessary to enter, just the picture and link. You can also get extra entries by sending your readers here (see details below).

LARGER GRAPHIC (250 pixels)


  • NON- BLOGGERS: Originally, this was just for bloggers, but now theres a way for non-bloggers to enter too! All you have to do is check the comments below and visit one of the blogs which have already entered, read one of their posts, and come back and comment about it (make sure to include the URL and your e-mail address). If your comment wins, I will also send a button to the blogger who's post you commented on.

  • BLOGGERS: Let your readers know they can win a sleep deprived parent button by making a comment here about one of your posts. If their post is chosen, you win a button too!
  • EVERYONE: Enter any of the giveaways over at Mom of All Trades, or any of my giveaways here, then come back and share which one you entered (1 entry per giveaway entered).

Contest will end April 30th. I will contact you by e-mail if provided, or by posting a message on your blog. If I don't hear back from you within 5 days you forfeit your prize.

If you want to earn some money from your link, feel free to replace my referral code in the above URL with your own. If you are interested in becoming a Zazzle Affiliate, you can find more information here.


  1. I have posted the button in the sidebar of my blog!


    I completely understand her about having trouble paying bills in this economy.

  3. I posted a button in a blog post

  4. I put a link in my post about your giveaway, does that give me an extra entry?

  5. I entered the wrapped ring giveaway at Mom of all Trades.

  6. I posted this in a blog post:

  7. i entered the soft sole shoe giveaway

  8. Posted on my blog. Hope this brings a laugh to your day.

  9. I also entered the Scribbleprint sample pack giveaway. Love the pic. I wonder if it would help my little squabbler to do the same with the stickers? Hmm.

  10. hey I entered! a blog post on the 28th of April!

  11. posted button