Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ads for Charity Giveaway

As some of you know, I'm a big fan of Mercy Corps, an organization that works around the world, helping people affected by poverty, disaster, war and disease. It was the first place I thought of to give when I heard about the earthquake in Haiti, because after Hurricane Katrina Charity Navigator wrote about how they had one of the best, most efficient responses to that disaster.


After giving myself I started thinking of ways I could do more. I decided to raise money by offering free advertising to bloggers, webmasters, and online shopkeepers who donate! Now, I only have so much space though, and am somewhat picky about the links and banners I allow on my website, so I'm going to ask that people interested in advertising with me e-mail me at first to get pre-approved (or just leave a comment below for the giveaway).

I have several websites and blogs, and the ones I'm offering advertising on (including this one) are listed here, along with more info on how this will all work. You can also offer ads on your own site for charity, and list them here.


And, to get the word out, I'm giving away advertising to one family friendly blogger, webmaster, or online shopkeeper (no donation necessary). If you win you will get:

1. A banner or text link on one of my higher traffic pages (pages with more than 500 hits per month) for 6 months, or one of my lower traffic pages for 1 year.
2. A write up about the winning website on Scribbleprints (here), Texifornia and Such Fun to Give.

But there's a few read on below.

Write a comment telling me which site you would like a banner or text link on (you choose from places I list here or suggest ad spots on any of my other sites listed here.) Explain why that would be a good match for your site. Make sure to include a way to contact you and a link to your site, and if you have your banner you can include it or a link to it so I can see what it would look like.

The giveaway winner WILL NOT be chosen randomly. Remember how I said I'm picky about my links? Well, I don't want to be pigeon-holed into linking to a site I disagree with or which conflicts with my content. So, the winner will be hand chosen based on which site/ad I think fits best! I only accept family friendly sites (if you have a rare mild swear word come up on your blog, that won't get you excluded...but please don't even bother submitting sites with porn, racism, vulgar content, etc.).

Entering this giveaway will not get you signed up for any long-term mailing lists, but by entering you do agree to receive e-mails to ask questions about your site, ad, banner, etc. (to help me decide the winner), an e-mail to let you know you've won if you're the winner (of course), and one e-mail to let you know if your site would qualify for ad space on one of my sites, and ask if you'ld like to donate.

The giveaway ends Thursday, January 28th! The winner will be contacted by Feb 5th and have until Feb 10th to respond before I give the ad spot to someone else.

NOTE: Neither me nor this site is affiliated with MercyCorps in any ways. It's just the charity I'm choosing to donate towards.

Other Ads for Charity

List Charity Ads on Your Own Site


  1. Hey. I'm currently in the process of trying to get a new blog up and running. It might take a while cause I want to do it properly this time, and would love the chance at a jump start by winning some advertising on this site. My blog is called the Canadian Hunter's Wife, targeted towards the wives and families of canadian hunters on how we can not only support their 'habit' but learn to use it to our advantage and help the family grow together without the place looking like a carcass dump! None of the lists are working but I think it would fit almost anywhere because its about bringing family together and sprucing up the home using traditional methods and turning it classy. I'm working on the banner/button right now still in draft mode, but looking at a hunter and his wife going for a walk with dog and kids trailing behind. Hope thats all the info you were looking for :)


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