Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Mugs at My Printfection Shop

I don't talk about my Printfection shop much because printfection rarely has sales or new products. But now they have just come out with mugs, sports bottles, and can coolers you can get through my Printfection shop -- and the prices are cheaper than my other shops.

Here's a sampling of what's new...

fire leaf mugfiery lady frosted stein

All Boy travel mugcan coolers

And here's a price comparison between my shops...

Plain White Mugs$11.99$12.99$13.95
Large Plain White Mugs$13.99$13.99$15.95
Frosted Mugs--$18.75
Frosted Steins$17.99-$22.10
Solid Steins--$20.95
(2 styles)
Mugs With Colored Accents--$15.95
Large Mug With Colored accents--$17.95
Morph Mugs (changes color when hot)--$19.95
Travel Mugs (Aluminum)$16.99-$20.50
(2 styles)
Travel Mugs (Ceramic)-$18.99-
Sports Bottles (.06L - Aluminum)$19.99$24.99
(Sigg Brand)
Sports Bottles (1.0L - Aluminum)-$27.99
(Sigg Brand)
Can Coolers$5.99--

If your wondering why I don't keep the same products the same price at all my shops, its because the base price (the price I pay) is different. To make them all the same I'd have to make them all the highest price.

You can shop my printfection store for humorous gifts here and artistic gifts here. While you're there make sure to check out the cutting boards, and all the great colors of shirts not available at my other shops (like purple, dark colored long sleaved kids shirts, and more.)

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