Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Want Pictures!

I'm looking for pictures to show off on the blog and on my websites! If you've bought any t-shirt or other apparel item I sell (hats, ties, aprons, bibs, jackets, etc.) snap a picture of you or your child or your pet (if it's a dog-tee) wearing the item and send it to me at and I'll send you a free button or magnet from my site!

Here's the details:
  • Photo must be of an apparel item from any of my online shops with one of my designs on it (in other words, not just any shirt from Zazzle, CafePress, ArtsNow or Printfection - while I sell through these venues hundreds of other artists do too and not all items at these venues are mine. If you wander into someone else's shop from my link and buy something there, that's cool--but I'm only looking for pictures of my own designs.).
  • Design must be visible in picture (at least part of it...enough for me to tell which design it is).
  • By sending the pic you agree to give me permission use it on my blog, website, or elsewhere as part of advertising for my site.
  • One button or magnet will be given for each photo with a different item from my shop. You can certainly send more than one photo of you in the same t-shirt or tie, but it will only count for one button/magnet. (But if you bought a shirt AND a hat and want to send me a photo of each, I'll send you two buttons/magnets, etc.)
  • Please send it as an gif jpg or png attachment to with the subject title PHOTOPIC.
I look forward to seeing your pics!

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