Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Free Thankgiving Printable

Looking for something for the kids to do while waiting for Thanksgiving turkey?  How about printing out one of my fun free fall coloring pages?  Now doesn't that look fun to color? And they aren't just for kids! Grown-ups can have fun coloring too!

I also have one sectioned into smaller cut-apart boxes which you could cut apart and put next to each plate at the kids table for the to color after dinner.

Leaves to Cut and Share
(For non-commercial, personal use only.)

After you've cut it into pieces (I suggest a paper cutter if you have one) here's a couple fun ideas.:

  1. Take a couple crayons and a small rubber band (like the little ones used for hair-braids), then wrap each coloring paper you just cut out around the crayons and secure with the rubber band.  
  2. Or, cut out a piece of cardboard slightly larger than the picture (old cereal boxes work good for this), and using a glue stick glue a single leaf picture on the  front.  This gives the kiddos a solid surface to draw on.  Put these in a plastic or cello wrap baggie with crayons OR use a hole punch to make a hole, tie a ribbon to it, and tie a crayon or colored pencil on the other end. 
Wha-la! A fun thanksgiving activity for the kids that costs next to nothing!

These are just a couple of the coloring pages you can print for free from my site. See more here.

And here's some examples of them colored by my readers...

 Beeb colored the following.  She didn't have crayons ready, so she used a 
purple sharpie and a pink hi-lighter to make her Psychedelic Leaves. 

Another readers' son colored this leaf.  Love it!

Oh, and here's how I colored mine...

OK, ok...so that really isn't made from the print-outs. Actually, that's the original design which I sell on printed products in my shops. I made the black and white version afterwards especially for the coloring pages. Hope you enjoy it! Please be nice and only use these for personal or classroom use, thanks!

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