Saturday, October 29, 2011

Finally, Art on Our Walls!

Our walls have been empty since we bought our home two years ago.  Not one picture hanging up.  Nothing on them but paint.  Until now...

No, I didn't do this myself.  We used stencils.  We knew from the start we wanted some sort of botanic first we thought maybe bamboo.  But we just couldn't decide. Had looked at hundreds of stencils and wall stickers and couldn't find one we agreed on.  My husband and I are picky...REALLY picky about how we decorate.  I like really delicate, detailed, usually natural or ethnic designs.  My husband likes simple, sparse, and modern.  And since we agreed not to bring anything decorative into the house without both of us agreeing on it...well, a lot of our home remains un-decorated (in spite of me being an artist and all).

But when we saw this stencil set we both loved it.  Still, it took me several months to actually buy it, then it sat for 6 months before we got the living room clean enough to do painting (yes, I'm THAT kind of "housekeeper").

So, I'm really excited about this!  Had to share it with you all!  Think it came out really good!  There were three large stencils  (plus some falling leaves, which we might add later, and some butterflies they added for free, which I might use for crafts).   But what's great about this design is you can do a lot to alter those three starting stencils--put one branch on another branch, remove or move around leaves, reverse the image, etc.  So we were able to do a lot with it.

(NOTE:  If you like these stencils, you can find them here...And no, I wasn't paid to write any of this, it was just something I used and liked and wanted to share).

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  1. wow! I mean it! I have always wanted to do this stuff for my walls and never had the chance to or know what to do. We tried to do a green in the office and it was the worst green picked. What color is that wall? Fabulous!

  2. Don't worry about your choice... by the way it looks great! :-)

  3. Love it! Colors and design just beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous: colors, contrast, placement. Well done! Jo @ Let's Face the Music