Friday, September 23, 2011

New designs brewing!

I have a few new designs brewing...

  • I'm working on a Christmas Wreath Scribbleprint!  
  • My mom suggested a Texas design (for this hot Texas summer) that I'm gonna try to knock out this weekend.
  • And, I'm thinking about adding some photography...though I'm not half as good as some people I have a few shots I think might be worth putting on cards or something.  I have some of flowers on a mountainside I'm considering using, and I'm really considering doing something with some of my bug shots (which you can take a look at now on Texifornia).  But, then, I'm there a market for cards and mmousepads and such with a big bug on them?   I'm not much of a bug fan myself, but I think some of those caterpiller ones are actually cute (not to mention that the coloring on those critters is amazing) and I actually think the spider one is pretty though I don't know if I would personally want it on anything!

Unfortunately, this will all be on hold for a little while while I re-do my tags on Zazzle. They are reducing the number of tags that show up on a search to 10. What a bother!

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